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This weekend, I’m participating in something crazy: Dance Marathon! Being involved in this event means I’m committed to staying on my feet for 26 hours straight in an effort to represent the mental, physical, and emotional challenges faced by children living with HIV.

DM is hosted by the Pediatric AIDS Coalition and this is its 12th year! The purpose of DM is to help raise awareness and critical funds for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation <>, Project Kindle<>, and the UCLA AIDS

Us dancers will spend the 26-hour marathon dancing, playing games and activities, making crafts, watching live bands and performers, and best of all, listening to HIV-positive children share their brave and awesome stories.

DM is the *largest* student run philanthropic event on the West Coast and I am SO STOKED to take part in such a large-scale charity event that benefits such a worthy cause for the second year in a row!!!

I know I’m really silent here on tumblr and that I don’t post a lot, but this one really is important. Please consider giving just 5 or 10 dollars, or share this with your friends!! 
You may make a contribution online at my personal, secure, fundraising
website here - !!!

Sincerely with lots of love,
I don’t need to flirt, I will seduce you with my awkwardness.


Worked for me.

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chains be broken, lives be healed, eyes be opened, christ is revealed <3

happy halloweeeeeen, everyone!

this is sort of random but it’s been on my brain for a while and with school getting so hard and everything, i think it’s probably a good idea to do it so…

i’m gonna take a little hiatus from tumblr. maybe a week, maybe a month, idk. I have a queue with some stuff so you’ll still see the occasional post, but no live blogging for a while. I’ve realized that tumblr actually has a horrible effect on my self-esteem and seems to just make me feel bad about myself. I don’t blame the site for this, obviously it’s a problem I have personally, but i don’t think coming on tumblr every day is helping the situation out.

So I might be back soon, or maybe never, I don’t know. All I knw is that a break is definitely necessary at this point :)

Alright, enough rambling. I love you guys ! Have a wonderful everything <3


Favorite Photoshoot | James McAvoy
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Sometimes the thing you love the most in this world you just gotta let it be
It hurts to have to set it free
And if it does, it doesn’t work we both know that it was meant to breath


we were always meant to be zorbing together

and i think it’s high time we started


life is good again <3



i swear, it makes the world go ‘round.

this was much needed while studying for my math midterm

I’m queuing this great and lovely post, and I hope that by the time it pops up on my page, my midterm will be graded and I’ll be happy with the grade :D

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and homecoming

and i’m wearing new boots

ohhhh yeah.

also, i’m in the psychology building listening to macklemore and i’m pretty sure people are giving me weird looks cos really i’m just sitting alone dancing to some sick beats. I probably look a little strange but that’s okay :)) Seriously, everyone needs to go listen to Macklemore RIGHT NOW. Soooo brilliant :)

on another note, life is beautiful and God is great and i don’t have a phone but that’s okay and i get to see my mommy tomorrow and ella and harri and i love to ramble and gelato is good and BOOOM I have to go to chemistry now.

Have a lovely day, everyone <3

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